Thursday, May 22, 2014

Laying A Foundation by Deanndra Hall (Olivia's Review)

Olivia's Review for "Laying A Foundation" by Deanndra Hall:

Deanndra Hall did it again. She hooked me from the first paragraph with another book! I had to give this book 5 stars because of how addictive it became. When I first woke up, I read this book. When I got free time in the middle of the day, I read this book. Before I fell asleep at night, I read this book. You get the point? This was an amazing read.
Nikki is learning to cope with the loss of her husband and kids. Imagine being with someone for thirty years, waking up to them every morning and falling asleep to their face each night, and then have them be stripped from your life with a blink of your eyes. Imagine caring for your children since they first came out of your belly and then having them leave you the same time your husband gets taken from you.
Tony is a very wealthy and respectable man. He owns Walters Construction. He has money to last him twenty life times. He has a wonderful and caring Italian family. He has two beautiful and healthy kids. You would think he was living the dream? Well, he isn't. He married an enemy. He's been hurt and is secretly just wanting someone to love and to love him back.
Fate. That's what brings Nikki and Tony together. They never thought they could love another person again, but life has funny ways of throwing a curve ball at you and hitting you when you least expect it. These two are meant to be together. It's like God created these two human beings to achieve greatness together and be loved unconditionally by one another.

I feel the need to make it known that this book was absolutely amazing. I fell in love and connected with every character in this book. Great character development! This book gets 5 stars from me! I'm looking forward to reading book 2 called Tearing Down Walls! 

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