Monday, May 5, 2014

Blissful Tragedy by Amy Gale

Olivia's Review for "Blissful Tragedy" by Amy Gale:

I was extremely excited to start reading this book. I'm obsessed with rock music and I loved the concept of including it into a book. Rock star romances are amazing and such good reads.
I knew by the first paragraph that I was going to fall in love with this book. It caught my eye and attention. Amy Gale did a phenomenal job writing her debut novel!
Blissful Tragedy tells a romance story about a young woman named Lexie and the lead singer of Devil's Garden, Van. Just by his name you can tell he's a rock star and irresistible.
Lexie meets Van backstage of one of his concerts and he immediately falls for her because she isn't a groupie and she's different from all of the girls he has ever meet, and that must be a lot of girls because he's rich and famous.
Lexie doesn't care about the money or the fame. She cares and deeply loves Van with all of her being. Van is her rock god. Van wants nothing more than to have Lexie join his band and him on tour for the summer. Of course she agrees, who wouldn't?
Lexie and Van get so close while on the tour. Lexie experiences the rock and roll lifestyle and falls deeply and passionately in love with Van. She tours the US with him and lives life on the edge. Van changes as a person. He no longer sleeps around with many women. He's completely committed to Lexie and she's the only girl he can ever see himself with. She's the only one for him, his forever.
But, what happens when the summer ends? Is Lexie going to pick her career or Van, the only guy she has ever truly loved?
This rock and roll romance was one of the best books I have ever read. I connected with the characters emotionally and felt like I was right there in Lexie's shoes, living the life every girl dreams of. This is one book that I would love see turn into a movie and I know one day Amy Gale will have that opportunity. This is such an amazing and well told romance story.
I recommend this book to everyone that loves rock music and loves rock star romances. I fell head over heels in love with this book and I know this book will be on the Amazon Bestsellers list soon.

I wish I could rate this book with a million stars, but Amazon and Goodreads won't let me go above 5 stars. 



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