Monday, May 5, 2014

Blissful Tragedy by Amy Gale (Carrie's Review)

Carrie's Review for "Blissful Tragedy" by Amy Gale:

Wow, what Rock'n LUV story!!! I absolutely loved it, rock star romances are one of my favorite genres:)
Would you give up your dreams for true LUV? This is what Lexi struggles with once Van comes into the picture.
A chance meeting with Van at a concert changes both of their views on life.
Lexi, a normal girl who recently graduated college, awaiting to start her dream job at the end of summer never expected her to find her soul mate... 

Meet Van, a HOTTY, Rock star god who has never been seen with the same woman twice.. They meet and totally feel the connection. He knows Lexi is special, determined to find out what makes her so. She isn't sure why he would want her when groupies follow the band everywhere, he can have anyone he wants!
Lexi ends up on tour until the end of summer.... 

Their chemistry is off the charts HOT, as well as sexy time!! They're both willing to do what needs to be done to keep themselves together.

Can the everyday normal girl & Mr. Hottty Rock God make a long distance relationship work?? Will this whirlwind of a romance end tragically??



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