Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fury by Clarissa Wild (Carrie's Review)

Carrie's Review for "Fury" by Clarissa Wild:

Fury is told from Hunter Banes point of view, however I found I was more intrigued, fascinated reading it from a man struggling with an unknown learning disability!
Bad boy versus nerdy girl, do opposites really attract??
We heard Autums story of how they met in Fierce, off to college with her best friend in tow. Meeting a man,experiencing feelings completely anew to her and her determination to really get to know this bad boy/fighter.
I have to say reading the companion novel to Fierce, the same story from two completely opposite people caught me totally off guard!! For the better:)
Hunter deals with everyday struggles especially when his worlds turned upside down when the one & only person who he can remember loving is taken from him, Jessie. Hunter will stop at nothing to help bring his brother home, even doing things he's not proud of.
He & Autumn meet, suddenly having the same determination to get to know her, make her his while keeping secrets from her. Autumn has to be sneaky, do some digging to find out what the mysterious Hunter Bane is really up too!!
We truly MEET Hunter Bane in Fierce!! Find out if their relationship can get past all the secrets Hunter keeps, to protect the second most important person to him!!

I totally can't wait for book 2, I'm DYING to know how their continuing story unfolds!

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