Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cover Reveal: Picking up the Pieces by Stephanie Gresham‏

Picking Up the Pieces (Broken Pieces Series Part 1)
by Stephanie Gresham
Release Day August 7, 2014


My name is Fayth Andrews and I struggle daily to deal with my inner demons. I hide everything from everyone because I don’t want to be judged of things that happened in the past. Only one person knows the whole story and that’s my best friend Summer Daniels. I don’t have many friends because it’s better to keep everyone at a distance, I can’t get hurt that way. Madison Leigh and Tyler Jackson are the only other’s that I allow to be there. Summer is my rock, Madison always has an ear to lend, and Tyler fills my thoughts with a love I know I can’t have.

Fayth is wrapped up inside herself and is unable to deal with her demons. Unable to let anyone in to help heal her. After tragedy strikes and one of her worst fears are brought to the fore front, will she revert even further back or will it bring her out and make her stronger?

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