Sunday, June 1, 2014

Renovating A Heart by Deanndra Hall (Trista's Review)

Trista's review of "Renovating a Heart" by Deanndra Hall

I received the Love Under Construction Series in exchange for an honest review for Beautifully Broken Book Blog. I do recommend that you read the previous books in order including The Groundbreaking to fully understand this series. This third book is the story of Steve and Kelly who were both previously introduced. Steve is a very dominant character who at times appears to be very uncaring, whereas Kelly is broken after losing the love of her life. The two attempt to enter into a temporary Dom/sub relationship with the intent of both being able to walk away after a short time. I cannot decide from one chapter to the next whether or not I like Steve (and other characters at times) but I think that is what makes this such a great story. It is so real and believable. Deanndra's characters are by no means cookie cutter perfect people. They have faults, make mistakes, suffer losses, and learn to move forward. I cannot wait to read more about how each of the characters' stories continue to evolve in the next book.

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