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Dysfunctional by Cynthia St. Aubin (Tammy's Review)

Dysfunctional: A Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist Trilogy (#1)

Tammy's Review of "Dysfunctional" by Cynthia St. Aubin:


Unlovable is a Laugh so hard story you may want to take some Tylenol before reading because I guarantee it will have your ribs aching.

Matilda is your everyday strictly business psychologist. She is only focused on her career, and makes no time for anything else including a non existing social life for herself.

Matilda finds herself woken up one night from a very steamy dream,( or was it?) to a ringing phone. On the other line is a male who knows her and her name but she has no idea who he is. He introduces itself as Cruix, a Demi-God and this is where the good Dr's life starts spinning out of control and all she can do is just go along for the ride.

For the most part Matilda wasn't sure what to make of the phone call from the stranger, she wasn't even sure it was worth being worried about until he walks right through the door of her office and he wasn't alone. He had none other then Cupid himself with him and he is demanding she fix him. Is he insane? Was this really happening? But as it turns out, Cupid really is in need of her help, but someone else is after her as well. There is a big shot in Vegas who needs her back because he says she owes him money. She knows they have her mistaken for someone else but they have sent a hit man to kidnap her and bring her to Vegas, so she has to figure out how she is gonna convince this guy that she is innocent.

Will she be able to make him see that she isn't the person that owes this guy money and convince him to let her go and most of all is she gonna be able to save Cupid?

I absolutely love Cynthia St. Aubin. Her books are so fun to read. Not only will they leave you in stitches,the sex scene will leave you panting and wanting more. I Love how she takes the time to introduce you to each character while the story moves along flawlessly. I have gave this book 5 Stars and would give it more if I could.


Matilda Schmidt,yet again gets pulled into a whirlwind of unlucky events that cause her life to take a unexpected twist. Matilda receives a note accusing her of stealing gold,and its made perfectly clear, if its not returned in five days. she will die. If things are not stressful enough, Crixus, a demigod, shows up with a fisty spirited leprechaun that needs help.

While Matilda and Crixus are trying to figure out who was setting her up, and starting to feel as if they are making progress on who set Matilda up for the stealing of the gold, Liam, The Hit-man shows up. Although Liam also offers his help in finding who is responsible for the note, he also has another motive in mind when it comes to Matilda.

Cynthia St. Aubin, gets another 5 star review from me. I found myself laughing out loud the whole time I was reading this book. It is just as good as Unlovable and I can not wait to read more from this amazing, talented author.


Unhoppy! The third book to this delightful series will leave you just as satisfied as the first two book. In Unlovable, Matilda finds herself having to deal with a grumpy cupid, in Unlucky she is dealing with a paranoid leprechaun, and in Unhoppy she finds herself dealing with a suicidal Easterbunny.

Matilda is a Paranormal Psychologist being blackmailed by a man she calls the Ferret. He has compromising pictures of her in very detailed positions and he is willing to use them to get what he wants So she is face with either betraying the trust of someone who cares for her deeply, to meet the blackmailer's demands, or she can kiss everything goodbye. On top of that, her new client is a suicidal Easter Bunny named Marvin. He has tried everything he can possible think of to end his life but when you are immortal, it really is a waste of time. But thats not all poor Matilda is dealing with, When the seductive demigod brings in an immortal mystery-client to Matilda's couch, she finds herself yet again in a very compromising position, and leaves her hunted by two very jealous goddesses who would love to use her intestines to lace up their sandals, With her full-time hit man lover nowhere to be found,Matilda will have to fend for herself, or the world in gonna be in trouble

Cynthia St. Aubin, brings so much laughter into my life with her books. I have never read a book that I have snorted and spewed pop on my Kindle so much. From the first page of the book you are sucked in, and you are right there along with Matilda for the ride, you will find yourself hanging on to every little word there is. I have loved getting to know this Author and experiencing her sense of humor up close. If you have not read any books by her, I suggest you get all three. They are so good, you just wont be able to put them down.

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