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Character Interview with Vic Cabrizzi from The Love Under Construction Series

Character Interview with
Vic Cabrizzi from
The Love Under Construction Series
by Deanndra Hall

Olivia: Hey, Vic! It's so nice to have you here. I'm a little fangirl crazy right now! ;)
Vic: Why? I’m no movie star. LOL
Olivia: You are to me! LOL. How was your day today? Did you and Laura have any special plans? In or out of the bedroom?
Vic: Nah. Your typical Saturday. We went over to Tony and Nikki’s so I could go down and look at their personal barn with Tony, and Laura and Nikki made dinner. We just got home about fifteen minutes ago. We’re getting ready for the horses to come. As for the bedroom . . . let’s just say the horses are already there, or at least the stallion anyway. *wink*
Olivia: LOL wow. You make me laugh! Let's get right to the most important question. What was your first thought when you saw Laura for the very first time?
Vic: I thought she had the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen. And a very, very nice ass, pretty heart-shaped ass. I’m an ass man. Tony? Tits. Clayton? Legs. Between the three of us, we’ve got the most important parts of the female anatomy covered. LOL

Olivia: Damn. You Italian boys know your way around a woman's body! ;) So, what attracted you most to Laura?
Vic: The absolute worst thing that could’ve. I knew something was wrong there. Nikki is always telling me I have a “savior complex,” but I just like helping people, and I knew there was something wrong there. Her eyes were gorgeous, but they were sad too. I know what that feels like. Have you ever seen someone who smiled, but the smile didn’t reach their eyes? Yeah, well, Tony told me for years that I looked that way. And Laura even had trouble smiling. That New Year’s day when she thanked me for coming to the hospital to see her? I think that was the first time that I ever saw her smile, even just a little. I just wanted to see her smile; actually, I wanted to be the reason she smiled.

Olivia: That is so cute! When did you realize that you were madly in love with her? I think you mentioned it before, but I would like to hear it straight from you.
Vic: That was the moment – that second when the corners of her mouth turned up just that tiny bit. I knew I wanted to make her smile all the time. And it sure wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. Girl was some kinda hard ass.
Olivia: You are such a sweet man. Why were you single for so long? I bet all kinds of woman were dying to break down your wall.
Vic: After what happened with Carrie and Andrea and Therese, I was just afraid. The idea that I could hurt anyone, especially a woman and especially in a way that was so intimate, was just too much for me to even consider. I mean, jail? Yeah, I’d gladly have gone if I’d really, really hurt one of them seriously. I would’ve wanted to be locked up. I couldn’t have lived with myself. I just decided it would be better to stay to myself. Nikki changed all that for me. After she and Tony got together, I watched them and I finally admitted to myself that I was lonely. And it wasn’t for lack of opportunity. God, they were coming out of the woodwork. If you’ve got a pulse, a functioning dick, and a job, you’re a prime candidate for husband. And I had a good job and a house, so they nearly drove me crazy. But I don’t respond well to aggressive women. I prefer them to be demure and reserved. For all her nuttiness, Nikki’s kind of shy. I’ve found that women who are kind of quiet but friendly are usually wild-ass crazy in the sack.
Olivia: Nikki is such a great person! I hope to interview her next! So, when did you start going to those night clubs? Did someone introduce you to them... or?!
Vic: Right after I joined the service, some of the guys would go to the clubs. I wasn’t legally old enough to drink, but I could still get in because I’m so damn tall. They usually went to just plain clubs, but this one night in Denmark one of the guys wanted to go to what he called a “freak” club. I walked in and looked around and was kind of shocked at first. But I sat down at the bar and started talking to a guy there, and he was explaining some of what was going on to me, and it kind of made sense to me. I started doing a little studying, and then I started looking for clubs like that in towns I was stationed in. When I was in Frisco, there was no shortage of clubs, but I spent quite a bit of time at one in Panama City. There’s this funny story about that . . . nevermind. Anyway, I just kind of learned as I went along and had some really fantastic and creative Doms to teach me.

Olivia: What was your first reaction when you stepped inside of a sex club?!
Vic: You know, I’d done some pretty kinky things with the older women I’d slept with as a, well, might as well say child, but never anything like that. Had one who wanted me to tie her hands behind her back and another who liked to be blindfolded, but that was about it. What I saw in Denmark that night was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. And the bad part was, before I could get to the bar and sit down I was already in trouble, if you know what I mean. The Dom I was talking to had a sub, and he instructed her to give me some relief. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could’ve walked out of there. But the whole evening was quite the eye-opener for me.

Olivia: I've never been to a sex club, but I sure the hell want to go! LOL . I have a few completely random question I'm going to throw at you. Are you ready?
Vic: Hell yeah, bring ‘em on!

Olivia: What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done in your life?
Vic: Wow. Hmmmm . . . I started to say when I bought my house, but I’d actually been looking for a couple of months. And I’d been looking at bikes before I bought mine. I think it was . . . when I was fifteen and I’d only been living here in the states for a little while, I got it in my head that I was going to New York to be a model there. I mean, I had the background and everything, so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. And I’d gotten used to Rome and Paris when I was younger, so I didn’t think New York would be that different. Anyway, I had saved up some money and I took some from my mom’s wallet and bought a bus ticket to New York. Yes, going to New York on the gray dog. Shit. That was a huge mistake. First, it was summer and the damn thing didn’t have air conditioning. And then there was this gay guy who kept coming on to me. I got as far as Pennsylvania and called my mom and begged her to come and get me. I sat at the bus station for eighteen hours before she and Zia Raffie and Zio Marco showed up, and boy, they were mad. I was in trouble for weeks for that.
Olivia: Pick one. Beer or whiskey?
Vic: Whiskey. Definitely. Bourbon, actually. I have to side with Tony on the Angels Envy – best stuff on the planet. But I like Maker’s, Eagle Rare or anything else that comes from Buffalo Trace, and anything from Heaven Hill. But when I really want to get polluted? I drink White Dog Mash #1 from Buffalo Trace. That’s bourbon before it’s been aged in the barrels. It’s got a bite that’ll take the top of your head off. I’m a big guy, and it doesn’t take me long to get gone on that shit.

Olivia: Fucking or making love?
Vic: Yes. And by the way, that’s not an “or;” that’s an “and.” LOL

Olivia: How are you so open with your sex life?
Vic: Why not? Look at me. If I was all timid and shy, wouldn’t you think that was kind of weird? Look, I like sex. I don’t know a guy who doesn’t. If they say they don’t, they’re a lying son of a bitch. I’ve done just about everything there is to do unless it’s patently dangerous, and a few of those things too. I’m very knowledgeable, hung, and more than able to deliver. I’ve never really thought about it. Oh, and I’m Italian. That explains a lot, huh? But I just believe that if I’m open about it, others will be too, and maybe that will help somebody who’s having some kind of problem. And it’s way easier to get laid if you’re really straight-up about wanting it. I used to walk up to women and say, “You’re really beautiful and I really want to fuck you, but I’d like to feed you dinner first.” Worked every time, and I think I only had to take two of them to dinner!

Olivia: HAHA! Oh, hell. You are funny! Give me five random facts about yourself.
Vic: Uh, um, let’s see. I love spumoni. I play guitar and sing. Ummmm, I’ve only ever lost one bar fight in my life and it was to a guy half my size. Still don’t know how that happened, but I think whiskey had something to do with it. Don’t ask how it ended. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just say I almost had my picture taken. I’m a huge Andy Griffith fan. And, let’s see, I got hit in the face with a falling concrete block at a jobsite about twenty years ago and it broke my nose. I had to have surgery. And the scars are invisible, thank god; the plastic did a really good job.

Olivia: Ouch! :( What are your top four sex positions?
Vic: Well, I like anything in a chair. The Embrace of the Thighs, Pounding the Spot – those all give her some control. I think it’s fun, as a Dominant, to find ways to let her take control during sex. Gives her confidence, you know?
Anything from behind – the Camel’s Hump, the Archer, the Ram. I’m an ass guy, remember? Yeah.
Suspended Congress or any of the other standing positions. Laura’s nice and tall, a lot taller than most of the women I’ve been with. She’s five ten. So it’s pretty easy with her. Plus I like Suspended Congress with her pressed against the wall. It’s pretty easy to deliver a hard-driving . . . I should probably stop right there.
But, you know, I guess my absolute favorite is the Lotus or the Knot. Sitting in the middle of the bed, arms and legs wrapped around each other, looking into each other’s eyes. I think that’s when I feel closest to her. And we talk during sex, so that makes it even easier to talk. We’re really connected then.
I told her she had to learn all of the positions in the Kama Sutra and remember them, but she didn’t do a very good job of it. So I’ve found out that I can do one with her and while I’m really pouring it on, I can tell her the name of it about fifteen times. Then she automatically remembers it. Lends a whole new meaning to the term “driving home the point.” Funny how that works.

Olivia: Now that was a damn good answer! LOL. What is your favorite sex toy? Other than a sjambok.
Vic: Oh, I don’t consider the sjambok a sex toy. It’s a tool of discipline. Sex toy, let’s see . . I’d say a vibrator. A big, expensive one. I’m a big fan of orgasm torture, so a good, durable vibrator is a must. And maybe that’s more information than you wanted. LOL

Olivia: Actually, I would have liked more information! LOL. What would you say to all those people that are afraid to be themselves sexually?
Vic: Actually, I’d say most of those people just haven’t met the right person to let them be themselves. If they can do that just once, it’ll set them free. I was lucky in a way. All those older woman I had sex with had plenty of experience and were old enough to be pretty shameless, so they taught me a lot, and by the time I was fourteen I was super confident in my sexual abilities. So find someone who can let you experience what you need to experience without fear or embarrassment. I wouldn’t advise that you do that when you’re twelve though. And find someone closer to your own age. My best advice ever.

Olivia: I agree completely! What's one fact people would be surprised to hear about you?
Vic: I’m so fucking terrified of squirrels that it’s not even funny. If I see one, I’m gone. That’s really, really bad for someone who has to spend a lot of time outside. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of them. I just am. I don’t make a big production out of it, but I’m standing there talking to you, and you say, “Oh, look, a squirrel!” and when you turn back to me, I’m not there. I’m probably hiding in the truck. Dress up as a squirrel and show up on my doorstep for Halloween and watch me have a heart attack. So taxidermy places really creep me the hell out.

Olivia: HAHA! Squirrels... Really?! LOL. Did you bring your Sjambok with you today?
Vic: You said when you contacted me that you wanted to see it, so of course I brought it. Anything for you, pretty girl!

Olivia: *Blushes* Do you think Laura would be mad if you gave me a few whips to my ass?
Vic: Most likely. She’s really, really cool about the fact that I was with a lot of women before I met her, but she made it really clear that she’s the only one now. But if you left your jeans on, I mean, I don’t think . . .

Olivia: Can you!?
Vic: I think we’d better wait until the interview is over, don’t you? I mean, you might not be able to sit down when I’m done with you, so you need to finish it first! Don’t look so damn scared; I’ll go easy on you. LOL

Olivia: What if I don't want easy?! LOL. I want to thank you Vic for joining us tonight. It has been so much fun! You are such an incredible person, with such a big heart. Not to mention, sexy as hell! ;)
Vic: Now I’m gonna blush. Thanks – this has been fun. Yeah, I’m just a big ol’ softie. Ask Nikki. She’ll tell you. She says I’m the Sta-Puft marshmallow man. Remember “Ghostbusters?” When the guy said, “This Mr. Sta-Puft is okay. He's a sailor in New York. We get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble!” She quoted that to me and I cracked up. That girl’s crazy. But yeah, I’m glad you asked me to do this. You’re a beautiful young woman and I hear you’re a pretty good author too. I don’t read as much as I used to. Maybe I should take it back up, huh? *wink*

Olivia: Yes, you should read my book! ;) Beautifully Broken Book Blog wishes you and your family the best happiness and we hope to hear from you very soon! <3
Vic: Thanks! Love ya!
Olivia: Love ya too, Vic!

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