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Release Day Blitz: Unconditionally by Amber Nation

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Title: Unconditionally
Author: Amber Nation
Genre: M/M - Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 8th 2014



Unconditionally is a novella and the last installment of a series but can be read as a standalone complete with a HEA. May not be for all readers as it contains M/M situations.


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Toby Morgan grew up the black sheep in his illustrious uppity family due to his sexual preferences. He didn’t see how being gay was a hindrance in any light. Being an accountant by day, a kickass singer for The Nation’s Capital on the side, and a fashion and makeup extraordinaire by night, he tried to face every obstacle he encountered with perseverance and positivity. Always being one to bask in the limelight and being the center of attention, but what everyone didn’t see was the scared and insecure little boy lurking inside and behind closed doors. He had waited his entire life to find love and his happily ever after and just when he thought he had grasped his dreams head on, doubt puts a screeching halt in his happiness. Now it seemed that there were two different men with their sights set on him and they were both vying for his affection. In the end, will Toby find his one special someone who will love him unconditionally?



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Was he seriously smoldering at me? I arched a brow and had to hold back a chuckle. I didn’t realize that I was giving a show while I was taking a break and regaining my breath, but by the way Roman was looking at me you’d think I had just performed an intentional strip tease. That naughty thought actually sounded like a good idea but not after I just endured pain of the dancing form. “You’re cute,” I muttered through the smallest of grins that I could muster as I pushed off of the counter and decided that I’d had all I could take of this insane class. If anything, the desire in Roman’s eyes grew even stronger. I had to be in an alternate universe, no one looked at me like they wanted to devour me, but that would be a lie, because Roman was basically calling my bullshit on that. I took the plastic bottle from his grasp and tipped it up filling my mouth just as before in hopes of cooling myself down, but with the close proximity of Roman, it was just further making my temperature rise. I caught him leaning into me and once his lips grazed the outer shell of my ear, he said, “The way you drink that water completely turns me on. Your lips wrapped around the opening of that bottle makes me long for the day you’ll do that to me. And don't even get me started on the way your Adam’s apple bobs up and down with each and every gulp, making me want you more and more with each passing second.” I swallowed rather loudly trying to get past the lump that was submerged in my throat. “See that’s what I’m talking about, you don’t even realize what you’re doing, but it is incredibly erotic.”
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About the Author:

I currently reside in Southern Indiana with my husband and two daughters. I spent most of my life trying to get out of Indiana, then spent four years trying to get back in, once my husband enlisted in the US Army and we were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.
I am a stay at home mom and wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though most of my time is spent transporting my girls to their various sports activities or running them back and forth to school, it is a blessing just to be with them each and every day. I am a concert and road trip junkie! I love the thrill of seeing my favorite bands live, and just having fun on the open road. My kindle has become like an extra appendage, as it is never far from my side. I became obsessed with books a little more than a year and a half ago and wished I had gotten into them much sooner!! My love of reading is what sparked my passion for writing, and now it’s one of my favorite things that I do for myself.

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