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Author Spotlight: Brenda Tetreault

Author Bio

Brenda Tetreault grew up on the southern Oregon coast. All through school she wrote but then put it aside when a school counselor informed her that, while she had a nice little hobby, she would never be good enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy. She began writing again in her mid-thirties and in 2009 her first book, The Witcher Legacy: Book One of The Bounty Cove Chronicles, was finally published. Today, Brenda is enjoying a small amount of success, and though she's not yet paying the bills with her writing, she's looking forward to the day she does.

In 2012 Brenda completed her first paranormal romance series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles and is currently working on an entirely new series. On September 23, 2013, 'Tempted', the first book in The Nightshade Series was released through Kindle Direct Publishing, and was followed up with the second book in the series, ‘Salvaged’, on May 16, 2014.

While she is unsure how many adventures there will be in this new series, Brenda does promise that it will feature all of the fun, adventure, love, steamy sex, and happily ever afters that have been the hallmarks of her writing from the beginning!



Tempted (Nightshade #1) Synopsis:

He spotted her in club Nightshade, a beautiful goddess among the mortals, and from that moment on she was his everything. She tempted him. She intrigued him. He wanted her.
Sabrina Donahue knew she was playing with fire from the moment their lips met, but something about Roman Arceneaux made it difficult for her to care.

Sensual and darkly intense, Roman is every woman’s fantasy come to life. One by one, Sabrina’s reservations fall prey to his skilled seduction, leaving her dreaming of a future she never imagined.
When monsters and mayhem intrude upon their lives, Sabrina’s fragile existence is threatened and Roman is left to wonder if their love will survive.

*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*


“…The phone rang four times, and she was about to disconnect the call when she heard the voice she’d both dreaded and needed to hear.
His voice was rough and sleepy sounding, and in her mind’s eye, Sabrina saw him, wearing nothing more than black pajama pants, his chest and feet bare, silhouetted against the windows of his living room, a coffee cup in one hand.
“Hello, Roman.”
Her voice was almost a whisper, but Roman heard her just fine. “Good morning, baby,”
He listened to the soft sound of her breathing and waited her out, not pressuring her to talk.
“I almost hung up,” she said and heard him take a sip of something. Coffee? Her mental image of him reinforced itself, and she smiled; definitely coffee. She sipped her own brew.
“I’m glad you didn’t,” he replied, taking another gulp of the lukewarm brew in his cup. It seemed getting Sabrina to talk was going to be like pulling teeth, but he was willing to be patient, remembering Morgan’s advice to not rush her or force her.
“Morgan is taking me to meet my parents this morning,” she finally told him, and with that admission, the flood gates opened, and Roman simply allowed her to talk. Beneath her ramblings one thing became apparent: she was terrified of being rejected again. When she finally wound down and she sank back into silence, Roman reassured her.
“Baby, they have searched for you all of your life; they want you in their lives, and they won’t turn their backs on you.”
She didn’t say anything for several moments, and he worried that the connection had been lost. Finally, he heard her sigh.
“Thank you.”
He smiled gently at the sweet sound of her voice and replied, “Anytime, baby.”
“I better go,” she hedged, and he wondered if it was reluctance he heard coating her words.
“I love you.”
He winced and almost slammed his head against the wall for letting those words escape; what if it was too soon? What if he’d just scared her away for another week or, damn it, longer? He held his breath, waiting for her reply. When it came, he felt the bitter bite of disappointment;
“Goodbye, Roman.”
The line went dead, and Roman was left, alone and cursing into the cold light of the winter morning, without even the knowledge of her love to sustain him…”

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Salvaged (Nightshade #2) Synopsis:

A man on a mission to obliterate his existence. 

A woman bent on eternal punishment. 

Once in love, separated by Fate. 
Can Caius and Wren forget the pain of the past and forge a new future for themselves? 
*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

Salvaged (Nightshade #2) Excerpt:

      “I don’t need help,” Caius groaned, clutching at his ribs and trying not to breathe too deeply.
“Bullshit,” Teagan replied succinctly.
Impatiently, Caius tried to push away her offer of assistance, but realized that she was too stubborn to take no for an answer, and much to his surprise, found that he kind of liked her fussing over him, gruff as she was about it. With a resigned groan, he allowed her to lead him out of the bar and into a dimly lit hallway. With an ease that surprised him, she had him wrangled and maneuvered down the hall and into her sparsely furnished office in a shorter time than her painfully thin frame would have suggested. Moving carefully and breathing shallowly due to his battered ribs, Caius allowed this tough and wiry woman to remove his shirt to better examine his injuries.
Teagan ran her fingers over Caius’ ribs, wincing inwardly at the bruising already mottling his smooth skin and steeling herself against his hissed exclamations of pain. Moving behind him to search for other injuries, Teagan fought the urge to wrap her arms around him and lean against his back as her eyes roamed the muscled expanse appreciatively. It was then that she saw the tattoo; it was a work of beautiful lines, curves and scroll work that drew the eye. But it wasn’t the artwork that caught her attention. No. It was the one name that she realized was written amid those lines and curlicues of color that stole her breath:
He’d had her name- the name she kept carefully hidden from the rest of the world- indelibly inked into his skin. He’d made her name a permanent part of his body, and she wasn’t sure what it meant. “Interesting ink,” she commented, in as bored a voice as she could manage.
She heard him grunt and looked up in time to see him glance over his shoulder at her. “Thanks,” he replied with little interest, “It helps to remind me.”
“Of an old girlfriend?” Teagan asked, pretending she didn’t know, nor that she really cared.
“Yeah,” he scoffed in reply, “And where she stuck the knife when she stabbed me in the back.” He sounded bitter and angry, and floundering, Teagan cleared her throat and moved back in front of him.
“I’ll bind your ribs for you,” she muttered, taking a step back and giving him a beady look to cover how flustered and guilty his words made her feel, “And then I want you gone. Don’t ever come back, either.”
Caius didn’t have an answer for her, and barely managed to raise his arms high enough to allow her the room she needed to begin wrapping an elastic bandage tightly around his chest. He watched her, staring at the top of her closely cropped hair, getting glimpses of the curve of her cheek and the thin lines of her neck and shoulders and catching the occasional teasing whiff of her natural perfume. The tightness of the bindings she wrapped around him made breathing less labored and lessened some of the pain he felt, making it easier for his brain to dwell on something other than pulling one breath at a time into his body, and as he continued to watch her, something about the way she moved, about that curve of her cheek and the way her dark lashes fanned over her pale cheeks tickled an elusive memory awake. He waited until just the moment she secured the end of the wrapping and was preparing to take a step back to reach out with one hand and cup her face.
The moment he touched her, she seemed to stop breathing and go absolutely still. Slowly, hesitantly, she dragged her eyes up to his until he was staring into fathomless pools of dark melted chocolate and he was struck by the naked fear he saw in them. Without thinking, he raised his other hand and soon cradled her face between his broad palms, his eyes searching her features, trying to understand why it was that this rail thin and tough as nails woman seemed so familiar. There was nothing about her that hinted at any kind of softness within her, nothing that spoke to him of womanly needs and desires and he watched as she began to bite her bottom lip nervously, drawing his complete attention to it, and he realized that he had to change his assessment of this woman. Her mouth was full and lush and of such a lovely shade of pink, that Caius’ vague memories were suddenly awakened and sharpened with a roar. Only one woman in his life had ever had such sweetly tempting lips of that particular shade of pink. Unable to control himself, he breathed a single word:
 He saw her eyes widen in shocked acknowledgement and that was all the confirmation he needed. With a growl, he crushed his mouth against hers and let a sweet feeling of homecoming sweep over him, because despite his vow to seek painful retribution for all the pain she’d caused, now that he had the chance to do so, all he could think to do was kiss her.

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Beloved (Nightshade #3) Synopsis:

Caine and Gaela's love is a love twisted by Fate, but it has somehow endured. Through pain and loss, lies and death, their love has burned brightly through the darkness, leading them into each others arms once more. But Gaela has a secret, and there are forces beyond Caine's control driving them apart once more.

Cursed and star crossed, if Caine and Gaela want a love worth dying for, then they're going to have to fight for it!


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