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Author Spotlight: Andrea Wood

Author Bio
I reside in Glens Falls, NY with my daughter and husband. I am blessed to have an extremely supportive family and an amazing outpouring of support from readers and fellow Authors alike. This path that I am on of a career has surprised me in many ways, I can only hope to further the road.
The Rock Romance Series is just the beginning on my long and adventurous journey, I dare you to join in on the ride.

Author Interview
Where are you from?
Andrea: Saratoga Springs, New York

Tell us your latest news?
Andrea: I currently have another book in the Rock Romance Series coming out at the end of July. I also started a new series that will be written and published in volumes. It is titled Stolen: In My Blood. This series is unlike my other, as in it’s a dark romance.

When and why did you begin writing?
Andrea: I started writing full-time in December of 2013. I wanted to for years but with working Full-Time I was already sacrificing time away from family. I left my job to pursue writing Full Time and permanently. I’ve always wanted to create stories, worlds that one could lose themselves in.

What inspired you to write your first book?
Andrea: An author that I’ve loved for years wrote a blog post. It touched on the topic of how she had started writing while working Full-time and being a mother. Her story touched me- that she did it while doing all of those things. I mentioned her story to my husband, I was like -Why not me? What’s really stopping me from finally doing it? I didn’t tell anyone other than my husband and friend until I was finished.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Andrea: To keep on loving. Everyone has their own story, a tragedy, or a struggle. There is always something that you have to overcome and unfortunately sometimes these obstacles freeze people. They forget to live, their life ends up revolving around that one instance. So yeah, my message would; don’t forget how to live.

What books have most influenced your life most?
Andrea: Oh my gosh, there are so many. Slammed, Colleen Hoover. Dark Lover, J.R. Ward, Ruin, Rachel Van Dyken. Rock Notes (The Heartbeat Series) by Renee Lee Fisher.

What are your current projects?
Andrea: I am finishing my Rock Romance Series by the end of this year, and I also started a new series In My Blood. Ideas are always running wild.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Andrea: Writing an ending. I never want to say goodbye, but I know when I hit the end and there’s no other choice. That’s it.

Do you have a blog/website? If so what is it? 
Andrea: I do. Click here.


A college student Natalie Wright. She hasn't had it easy for years , emotionally. Her one safe haven is music. Soul breaking, body quaking, lyrics sung in such a voice the emotions are conveyed onto you. Enter Ryan "Steele" Hurst, a chart topping lead singer in the rock band "Steele's Army". The band's songs are about cheapening the meaning of love. They project the bad-boy image. 
Can these two polar opposites coincide with each other on a summer tour making it out unscathed? 

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Ryan "Steele" Hurst has made mistakes in life and overcame it all, including his not so great childhood. 
Natalie Wright, a college student, has made choice's that could ruin her life. 
Liam will stop at nothing to protect her. Layla only wants the best for her life long friend and will do whatever she can to make sure that happens. 
Loyalty will be questioned. 
Relationships will be tested. 
Betrayal will sting. 
Will Natalie survive? 
Will Ryan get his Happily ever after? 

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Find Me is Liam's story. 

Everyone's convinced that they know who Liam is, a charming, outgoing, talented musician. 
What about what he's hiding in his past? 

Liam share's an unrealistic connection with Natalie, how will he react to Ryan's proposal? 

Layla, alone and struggling with her own secrets. 
Betraying the one person who she has ever cared for. 

Can Liam be saved and will Layla be forgiven? 

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Sur-vive verb sər-ˈvīv 
: To remain alive: to continue to live 
: To continue to exist 
: To remain alive after the death of (someone) 
That's what they all tell me I am. Eight different psychologists, four police officers, two doctors and my mother are all convinced that I now belong in the category of a survivor. Although I strongly believe the definition is sorely lacking, its more of a stereotype for people who were lucky enough to live through unfortunate events or circumstances. The word survivor doesn't seem sufficient. It's too simple, also insipid. Sometimes, there are words that just feel right on your tongue, they describe something monumental without even trying. I roll my eyes at every single person who has sat down with me believing that they would pick my brain and know all the answers. That they could diagnose me with some easily labeled condition, they could fix me with a few pills that I could swallow every day by mouth. There is no fixing me. 

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