Thursday, April 24, 2014

For Now by Janae Mitchell

For Now


Malyn Reed has always been able to see spirits, but never thought she would fall in love with one… until she met Beau Brogan.

Even among the spirit world, Beau Brogan is different. He has the ability to interact with the living world in ways that are uncommon for most ghosts, drawing the much unwanted attention of Takers, the inhabitants of the Darkness. When Beau realizes the secrets that are held within the Darkness, he will have to face one of the toughest decisions he has ever made, dead or alive…and his decision could ultimately change everything, for him and Malyn.

Malyn Reed is not only fervently haunted by Beau, but she is also haunted by the decisions he makes, which could make her rethink everything that she has ever believed in. And when a freak accident turns Malyn’s and her best friend, Beth’s, lives upside down, Malyn will have some decisions of her own to make.


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My Review

One million beautiful, bright stars.

I tried to spread this book out so I wouldn't read it all in one sitting. It was extremely hard to do, but so worth it. For Now was everything that I dreamed it would be, and more. 
In For Now, we get another dose of Beau's southern gentleman charm, some quality time with our Nellie, and amazing moments in Malyn's head as she deals with her gift and all the things that go with it. I found myself highlighting so many parts of this book, so many sweet quotes I wanted to have easy access to later. This book isn't all romance, though. Not by a long shot. We learn more about The Darkness and the things that reside in it, and what it all means to Beau. There are also some shocking moments in this book, which resulted in me making this face :O a few times. 
I love this series and I can't wait to see how it ends. I MUST know what happens next, and what will happen with Beau, Malyn, and The Darkness. Janae has created some of the most wonderful characters I've ever had the opportunity to get to know and love, and in this book she just adds to it. Seriously, if you're looking for a book boyfriend, look no further. You will be #teambeau from here on out! I would recommend this book to any and everyone. Stop what you're doing and read this series! You will be seeing amazing things from Janae, just watch. She is one extremely talented author.
If I could give this book a million stars, I would, and they would be beautiful and bright :)


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About the Author

WARNING: You are about to be exposed to TMI. Continue reading with caution.
First & foremost, I'm a hillbilly. So much so, that I don't need to read subtitles to understand anyone on Moonshiners. I make no apologies for this, except for when I have to repeat myself over & over to those who have no clue what I'm saying, especially New Yorkers. I practically need subtitles, myself.

I'm a fan of Diet Sunkist and salt & vinegar pork rinds, both usually sitting by my computer when I'm writing. Oh, and I love salted pecans...and grilled chicken salads from Zaxbys! Okay, now I'm just making myself hungry.
I enjoy being on the lake (I think the song 'On a Pontoon' was actually written about me), playing tennis, and watching football (i.e. Peyton Manning, TN Titans & Vols). My blood runs orange...except for when I cut myself, and then it's that ugly Bama color.
I love music, often listening to it when I write; Crossfade, SafetySuit, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, Phillip Phillips, Sirius XM 80's on 8 or 90's on 9. I sometimes dance, too, just not well.
I've been interested in the paranormal most of my life, living in a 'haunted' house growing up. This fascination, mixed with my love of writing, made my first novel, For Always, inevitable. It's about my two most favorite things (besides food)—ghosts & love.
I'm a huge fan of readers! They breathe life into the books we give birth to. Thank you, fellow readers, for making books come alive.  

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