Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fate by Nikki Sex (Colleen's Review)

Colleen's Review for "Fate" by Nikki Sex:

I love how Emily went after what she wanted A very strong woman with a lot of guts to do what she had. She really loved him a lot.

She did not stand around and Boo-Hoo when he got upset she went on with her life. She was tough but caring. She tamed a Bad Boy!

Paul had a lot of baggage with him that both were not aware of.. He was self-centered.

Andre was awesome! What he said to them was good sense and very thought provoking but not a know it all.and most true as in real life. I wish I had him around to talk to.

I was glad to read that the female went after the man who was not rich. Most stories it's the rich man chasing the women trying to win her over with his money.

Hoe refreshingly different. I hope to read more of Nikki's books.
I recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a different kind of love story.

5 stars!


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