Thursday, August 20, 2015

Master List for Ella Emerson's Bloghoppalitz

MASTER LIST of pages participating in 


On Thursday August 20th at 9am (eastern) for the release of FREAK OUT available on Amazon:
Here is the master list so you can enter each giveaway. Most posts will be pinned to the top, but some might not be. Each post will begin with this:: ***Ella Emerson’s #Bloghoppalitz***
Enter all giveaways for a chance to win the grand prize of over 15 signed pb’s, over 100 ebooks, $100+ in Amazon giftcards, as well as a TON of swag.
Four winners will be chosen who complete the hop. So here are the pages in case you get lost or someone doesn’t post.
Be sure to look for the ***Ella Emerson’s #Bloghoppalitz*** tag on the posts to make sure you are entering the correct giveaways!!!
Good Luck and have fun hopping!!
Stop 1– Ella Emerson
Stop 2Piper Peters
Stop 3Joy Eileen
Stop 4 – Patti Kake
Stop 5Amy Stephens
Stop 6Layla Stevens
Stop 8Olivia Howe
Stop 11SC Hutchinson
Stop 13- Segnalibro
Stop 15Mia’s POV
Stop 16- Maliha Reads
Stop 19- Liz Gavin
Stop 20- Robbie Cox
Stop 23- Lainie Suzanne
Stop 26- Lisa S Robinson
Stop 28- Book Beauties
Stop 31- D. Kelly
Stop 32- Stephanie John
Stop 33- CM Johnson
Stop 35- Imogen Blythe
Stop 38- Alex Grayson
Stop 39- CJ Pinard
Stop 42- Annabel Fanning
Stop 44- Silver Rain
Stop 45- ES Carter
Stop 46- Imy Santiago
Stop 47- Cori Williams
Stop 48- MC Decker
Stop 52- Skye Callahan
Stop 53- Lacey Vixen
Stop 54- Cherry Shephard
Stop 56- Triple A
Stop 57- LB Dunbar
Stop 58- ES Maria
Stop 59- Aleya Michelle
Stop 61- Nerdy Chic
Stop 62- Misha Elliot
Stop 64- EscapeNBooks
Stop 65- City and Books
Stop 66- Dina Littner
Stop 68- Rave and Rant
Stop 69- Anne Berkeley
Stop 70- Vanessa Gray
Stop 71- JD Hollyfield
Stop 72- Cathy Jackson
Stop 74- Vanessa Vale
Stop 75- CJPB Designs
Stop 76- Karen Ferry
Stop 77- Autumn Grey
Stop 78- Allyn Lesley
Stop 79- Book Nook Nuts
Stop 80- S. Reynolds
Stop 81- Corrissa James
Stop 82- Sabrina Archer
Stop 83- Annalie Walker
Stop 84- Shea Swain
Stop 85- R. Holmes
Stop 86- Editing Vixen
Stop 87- After This Page
Stop 88- SA Smith
Stop 89- Chrys N Jay
Stop 91- MC Rohweder
Stop 92- Lanna Farrell
Stop 93- CBB Productions
Stop 95- Brenda Kennedy
Stop 96- Janet A Mota
Stop 97- Drew Elyse
Stop 98- Hello Chick Lit
Stop 100- Alice C Hart
Stop 101- Nicki Rae
Stop 104- Courtney Lane
Stop 105- Palessa
Stop 106- Emily Walker
Stop 107- ML Rodriguez
Stop 108- Briana Gaitan
Stop 111- Izzibella Beau
Stop 112- Emily A Lawrence
Stop 113- KL Shandwick

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