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Cover reveal for Melissa Ann

Unbound By His Love Series

By Melissa Ann

Release: 4/16/15

  all 3

Unbound by His Love

By Melissa Ann


Unbound by His Love

by Melissa Ann


***For Mature Audiences 18+ ***

Newly engaged to Tyler,

Michelle needed to get away,

To escape her controlling fiancé,

So, to Durham College she goes to stay.

Surrounded by friends and a certain boy named Jax,

Michelle finally feels like she belongs.

Jax is a dream come true,

But Tyler's possessiveness stays strong.

Michelle knows who her heart should pick,

The bass guitarist for a Christian Rock band.

But her boyfriend Tyler doesn't like to give up what's his,

Can Michelle risk Jaxon taking a stand?

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Excerpt from Unbound by His Love

***For Mature Audiences 18+***

Running into my bedroom, I slam the door behind me, and slide open the door to my closet. My only goal is to reach the box that contains my deep, dark secret. I pull the clothes covering the hole that I had meticulously cut in the wall over a year ago. The hole is barely large enough for my hand to fit, but I manage to grab and empty it of the object I so desperately need to cope with this emotional pain. Pulling up my sleeve, I freeze when my tattoo is uncovered. Taking my finger I trace the words Dark Enough that has been inked to cover the secret that has haunted me for the past year. I swore I would never go down that path again. I take the cloth and the contents inside and whip it across the room. This feels like déjà vu because these exact events mimic what occurred a year ago, sitting in this exact spot on the floor. If you look hard enough you can still see the blood stains on the carpet that covers my floor...

I walk over to my stereo and press play. Linkin Park’s, “Breaking the Habit” breaks the silence. I sit on the carpeted floor and with shaky hands, I carefully pull the cloth away from the instrument of pain nestled inside.

Tears sting my eyes and I can feel my heart rate accelerate ... Is it fear? Adrenaline? Or is it the trepidation of giving into my craving ... my addiction. I run my finger along its surface feeling the urge start to take a stronger hold and my resolve is fading fast. Taking the x-acto knife in my hand, I submit to the addiction. I run the tip of my finger along the edge of the fresh blade and watch in fascination as blood starts to drip and land on the carpet. Pressing the blade against my inner arm I add enough pressure that the tip cuts into my skin. A euphoric feeling floods my body as the blade cuts deeper and the emotional pain is no longer there. The anger of the music speaks to me, consumes me… I hate my life, I hate the way I look, I can’t do anything right, no wonder no one wants me, I no longer want to feel…. I press down on the blade a little bit harder. Looking towards the ceiling, I plead once again with God. “Please let me die. Why won’t you listen to me? I am begging you to end my misery. I have nothing to live for!” My grip on the blade slips and I realize it’s from the blood covering the handle. So much blood… I feel woozy as I look at the open wound on my arm. I am unable to see how bad it really is because of the blood that continues to weep from the wound. The rivulets of blood painting a trail along my arm, bears a striking resemblance to tears... it’s my soul weeping for me. With each beat of my heart I can feel my soul fading.

What have I done? I’ve never cut this deep before. Stumbling to the bathroom, I push my way through the darkness that is starting to cloud my vision. I can’t pass out I can’t pass out. I now have a new focus and it’s to slow down the bleeding. I lean on the bathroom counter for support, resting my bloodied hands on the surface. Looking into the mirror I am terrified at the person staring back at me. I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m lost in the maze of life and have yet to find the exit. It seems at every turn there’s a dead end, and with each wall I meet my sense of hope diminishes. My blood covered hands make it almost impossible to get a grip on the knob to the linen closet but through the use of both hands I manage to open the door and grab a towel from the shelf. I slide my back down the bathroom wall and after haphazardly wrapping the towel around my arm; I lay on the mat that lies beside the counter and close my eyes.

The memory hits me with such an intensity that I crawl to my wastepaper basket and dry heave. I can feel my stomach muscles tighten with each heave. I lie back on my floor and curl into a ball. Even though I managed to fight off my need to cut, does not mean I have won this battle, yet. I spot the paper taped to my mirror. The same paper that contains the quote that I’ve read every day for the past year. A reminder of how special I am! Who am I kidding? I jet up from the floor, anger pulsing through my veins, and I yank that pathetic quote off my mirror, and grabbing a lighter from my drawer, I run it along the edge of the paper and watch it burn. When the flame reaches my fingers, I hold on to the edge of the paper for as long as I can; letting the high caused from the pain fill my body. For that brief moment I feel free, the heaviness in my heart is gone and I can breathe easier. I sink to the floor on bended knee and look up at the ceiling as I did a year ago. “God, look at me! I’m lost. I have begged you to let me die, but for some reason you want me to live. Why? If you won’t let me die, then send someone to guide me, because I am so very lost.” I beseech.

The pain in my heart is so intense; I think just maybe, God has finally answered my prayers. I close my eyes and find peace with the fact that I will no longer suffer. Before the darkness takes me, I see two children, a boy and girl with beautiful, blue eyes. I reach out to touch them but they disappear and I scream for them to come back. I don’t want to die. I want to live.

Unbound By His Love 2

By Melissa Ann




****For Mature Audiences 18+***

A decision was made

Michelle chose the one

That would make her as happy as can be

And her heart they had won

Michelle knows relationships aren’t easy

Challenges there will be

But what they’ll endure

Makes Michelle want to flee

The love of her life

Has been threatened, you see

So now once again a decision must be made

A difficult one indeed.

There will be jealousy and threats

A surprise at the end

Someone making the ultimate sacrifice for love

And a heart that might never mend

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Excerpt from Unbound By His Love 2

*** For Mature Audiences 18+ ***

I start to turn back to the front of the lecture hall to listen to the professor when a paper missile comes flying at my head. It bounces off my face and lands on my notebook. Opening it up I recognize Michelle’s writing right away.

Kings of Leon - Sex is on Fire

Now I’m adjusting myself. How am I supposed to focus after a note like that? Brody is snickering beside me. It’s quite obvious he must have read the note over my shoulder. I lean my head on the back of the seat, take deep cleansing breaths and think about naked, wrinkly old ladies. I shudder at the thought but it worked. I’m now back in the zone… the learning mode. Although I would like to be in another zone…like Michelle’s erogenous zone…between her legs…sinking into her hot, wet core…Oh crap…naked wrinkly old ladies…naked wrinkly old ladies.

I turn the piece of paper over and write…

Baby I’ll treat you like my homework - I’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long.

I bunch the note up once again and toss it over Michelle’s shoulder. Jenni reaches down to pick it up and as she starts opening the paper up Michelle grabs it out of her hand and shakes her head playfully. She opens the paper and after reading what I wrote she tosses her head back and silently laughs, her shoulders shaking. She peeks at me over her shoulder and winks.

And back to my mantra I go… naked wrinkly old ladies…naked wrinkly old ladies.



***For Mature Audiences 18+***

Sacrifice of a love affair...

Hearts broken

Questions unanswered

Pasts intertwined

And blackmail spoken

Michelle's number one priority was keeping Jax safe but she soon discovers that perhaps it was a tragic mistake.

Why isn't he looking for me?

Has he forgotten me already?

I'm drowning in a sea of darkness

Please save me from this misery.

Since the first moment he laid eyes on Michelle, Jax knew she was "the one", but her constant need to run from their relationship has him wondering if she cares about him at all.

Why did she leave me?

She took a part of me that day

Things just aren't adding up

I just can't stay away.

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Excerpt from Unbound by His Love 3

***For Mature Audiences 18 + ***

Michelle turns her back towards me and drops her towel to the floor. I lick my lips as I take in every delicious curve of her body. She peeks over her shoulder and crooks her finger in a “come and get it” kind of way. Of course it was a very hard decision to make… NOT and I followed her like a lost puppy dog or maybe it was a hungry dog… but before I follow her I grab the bowl of whipped cream.

I set the bowl of whipped cream on the bed and Michelle’s eyebrows lift up in amusement, her eyes unable to hide the desire burning in them. Pointing at the bowl she says, “Are you hungry?”

“Uh-huh. I want my dessert.” I cup the back of her neck and I slant my mouth over hers luxuriating in the softness of her lips moving against mine. Before I pull away I gently bite her lip. My hand cups her breast and my thumb caresses her already turgid nipple. Leaning down I take her nipple in my mouth and using my tongue I circle it, my cock growing even harder when I hear her moan. I gently ease her back on the bed grabbing a spoonful of whipped cream I cover her nipples with it. I lap the sugary cream off of her nipples and follow the white dessert laden trail to the landing strip that so adequately points me in the direction of where I must land. Picking up the spoon I paint her hot core with more dessert topping. Running my tongue along the folds of her pussy, I swirl the tip of my tongue around her clit.

“Oh god, Jax that feels so good. Is dessert to your liking?” She speaks to me in a husky voice.

“Oh yeah, baby. You taste so good.” I place Michelle’s legs over my shoulder and continue to lave at her hot center, absorbing the sounds of her quickening breath and groans of pleasure. My cock is as hard as granite and pushing against the fabric binding it.

“Jaxon!” Michelle screams my name as an orgasm rips through her body.

I’m shaking with pent up sexual energy. I have to be buried in her right now. I reach my hand out to help Michelle up from the bed. She complies but her eyebrows are scrunched with confusion. I turn her around so she’s bent over with her hands resting on the bed. My lips brush along her spine.

“Is this okay?” I wait for her to grant me permission. Ever since her time with Brody, Michelle has had difficulty giving up total control especially when she can’t see me. This is my favorite position and at one time hers as well, but I never want to do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable or scared.

“Yes.” Her voice is trembling but I don’t think its fear but rather desire.

“Are you sure?”

“Jax if you don’t fuck me right now then… I don’t know what I’d do, just do it already.”

I grow even harder, which I didn’t think was a possibility, I mean granite’s pretty hard… what’s harder than granite… I know, diamonds. I am as hard as a diamond. With a speed I didn’t realize I possessed, I was undressed and my clothes lay strewn across the floor. I nudge her legs apart and run the tip of my finger along the folds of her pussy to make sure she is ready. I take my hard as diamond cock and push it into the entrance of her tunnel of love. Slow and steady was what I was kind of going for but obviously Michelle had a different idea because she is pushing against me urging me on. Well she doesn’t have to ask me twice. Gripping her hips I slam her onto my throbbing cock and we both groan. My cock loves her tunnel of love and the way it grips it as I slide in and out. Moving her legs so they are closer together I almost pass out from her pussy squeezing around my cock even more. I run my tongue down her spine and twist her nipples ever so slightly, to add even more pleasure for Michelle to experience. It obviously worked, because she starts pushing against me in a frenzy and I know she has reached the finish line when her pussy clenches my cock… that and her screaming, “I’m coming.”

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